The SELF Factor Program

My work focuses on advancing the lives of Black women and girls. through ethnic identity development. 

The SELF Factor curriculum and workshop addresses 1) the historical formulation of destructive stereotypes, myths, and microaggressions against Black women 2) the enduring, adverse impact of stereotypes on the lives of contemporary Black women and 3) help empower Black women, girls and other minority groups to realize their intrinsic value, are self-defined and feel empowered by their ethnic identity. 

Phase 1 Curriculum/ Classroom instruction – presents a historical context of old racial ideologies, their evolution into contemporary times and how they have shaped societal perception and influence ones internalize perception of self. 

Phase 2 Workshop – delivers an identity reconstruction exercise based on the Tree of Life narrative theory. The narrative therapy was developed in (2008) by Ncazelo Ncube, and David Denborough. The narrative approach creates the space for individuals to speak about their lives in ways that strengthen their connection with their history, culture as well as their personal and community relationships. I teach a guided identity reconstruction exercise that allows individuals to build their tree of life narrative. The exercise helps them to reconstruct their identity from and re-frame the narrative about who they are. 

The SELF Factor collaborates with Black women, feminist groups, educational institutions, racial justice and non-profit organizations to teach a multi-dimensional course around five core objectives: Awareness, Action, Change, and Empowerment. 
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