Identity Development- Empowering Lives & Strengthening Communities

Universally, humans are becoming desensitized to the suffering, ills and injustice towards their fellow man.  Societies, home and abroad are embroiled in race, class, sex and gender conflicts that have broadened the socioeconomic, political, and educational divide between the haves and the have-nots.  Society has become more divisive than united and more hostile than compassionate. The solution to the pervasive and growing disconnection from each other stems from a lack of connection to SELF.  Humans are becoming more and more consumed with money, power and material things. And a person’s value is decided within a hierarchy of race, class, sex and gender.  If we can get back to self-love, acceptance and confidence– not only will we truly know ourselves and our intrinsic value, we will recognize each other as part of the same life tapestry. Thus, begins our unification.   

Creating strong communities begins with empowering those who are among the most disenfranchised. The SELF Factor, LLC begins its mission of unification by focusing on empowering Black women and girls to know, love and accept their ethnic identity and their value.


The SELF Factor is committed to advancing the lives of Black women and girls through ethnic identity development to be empowered, self-accepting, prideful and self-loving. The SELF Factor centers around  five core objectives: Awareness, Action, Change, and Empowerment.


  • Foster self-love, acceptance and ethnic pride in Black women and girls and other marginalized groups
  • Empower women and girls to self-define and control their narrative
  • Empower women and girls to adapt a positive self-perception
  • Advocate for political representation and reforms to address the intersectional challenges that are unique to Black women and girls and other marginalized groups
  • Decrease negative stereotypes and microaggressions about Black Women
  • Reduce socioeconomic disparities among Black women in the workforce
  • Advocate for equitable employment opportunities, and equal pay for Black women
  • Improve access to quality education for inner city girls/ Increase graduation rate and college enrollment
  • Advance discourse and community engagement between different ethnic groups to form a cohesive and progressive movement toward an equal and just society.


The SELF Factor collaborates with Black women, feminist groups, educational institutions, racial justice and non-profit organizations to teach a multi-dimensional course around five core objectives: Awareness, Action, Change, Identity Reconstruction, and Empowerment.

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